Becoming Irrelevant?

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Becoming Irrelevant?

Rediscovering our vital place in an ever-changing culture

Joel Thiessen is a Professor of Sociology and Director of the Flourishing Congregations Institute at Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta. In these sessions he guides us in understanding the cultural and societal changes we wrestle with as pastors and leaders.

Joel is a researcher and has written an important book for the church. It is called “The Meaning of Sunday”. We pray for greater insight for each of us as we listen to these seminars.

Joel speaks on:

    1. The state of religion and culture in Canada;
    2. Why people leave the church and will they ever come back;
    3. Practical and theological responses for churches in twenty-first century Canada.

Recording Date: May 4th, 2018

Recoding Location: The Meeting House

Event Speaker:
Joel Thiessen

Joel Thiessen is a researcher, teacher and speaker. As a sociologist of religion who specializes in religion in Canada.

Event Reading

"The Meaning of Sunday: The Practice of Belief in a Secular Age"
by Joel Thiessen

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Pre-Event Reading:

Watch the Sessions:

  • Session 1: 
    “The State of Religion and Culture in Canada” – Joel Thiessen

  • Session 1: 
    “Q&A” – Joel Thiessen

  • Session 2: 
    “Why People Leave the Church and Will They Ever Come Back?” – Joel Thiessen

  • Session 2: 
    “Q&A” – Joel Thiessen

  • Session 3: 
    “Practical and Theological Responses for Churches in 21st Century Canada” – Joel Thiessen

  • Session 3: 
    “Q&A” – Joel Thiessen

  • Extra: 
    “Ending Comments” – Doug Sider

Event Handout

Download the Handout Booklet PDF for this event here.


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