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At this year’s AGM we will be handing out pencils…

… but these are no ordinary pencils, by using them to sign up in support of the Nepal PEACE Project you have the opportunity to help a child in Nepal write themselves a new future. Here’s some background on the Nepal PEACE Project:


In 2018, at the request of the Nepalese BIC Church, we partnered with them in the development of the PEACE (Providing Essential Assistance for Children’s Education) Project.  The PEACE Project is focused on the education of children.  The PEACE Project sees children staying in their homes, attending local community schools and receiving assistance from local churches.  The PEACE Project provides for kids:

  • School stationery
  • School fees
  • School uniforms
  • Tutoring
  • Spiritual mentorship (at a local BIC Nepal church)
  • Basic health care and food

Simply put, the PEACE Project is an educational assistance program that provides support and opportunity for children to be educated in their own communities, while being connected to a mentoring and tutoring program through the local church. As a result, the family unit stays intact, the local community continues to see younger life and growth, and the local church offers relationship, support, and value to its neighbours and community.

In 2019 we want to cast a vision to the Canadian Church to fully support the work and ministry of the PEACE Project in Nepal.   We want to support the desires and initiative of the Nepalese Church.  They have asked us to make this a priority. We can do this!

Through the support of people like you, children in Nepal will be able to:

  • Receive quality education, food and basic health care.
  • Leaders for the church in Nepal are being developed – both the students and those who are serving as tutors, assistants and program leaders.
  • Literacy is being expanded through continuing education and tutoring.
  • The local churches are strengthened through the presence of PEACE Project students in their local communities and ministries.

To support this significant work in Nepal, you can cover the costs of one child for a full school year for $50/month (this is about  the cost of a daily Tim Horton’s coffee).

When I was in Nepal this past March, I was blessed to see a PEACE program active and working in a local church.  Over 50 kids were present after school for tutoring, mentoring and to receive a meal.  This ministry makes a difference!

As helpful and as good as this ministry is, the PEACE Project is contingent on the generosity of people in Canada. The churches in Nepal cannot do this themselves. So I ask, would you consider supporting a child in the PEACE Project?

It is the constant generosity of people like you which makes it possible for these children to receive an education, daily nutrition and training in faith and discipleship.

I would ask you to prayerfully consider how you could support the PEACE Project.

Thanks for your ongoing partnership with this important program.

P.S. For those of you coming to AGM, keep an eye out for your pencil and some great promotional materials as well as more information in the form of a new Nepal Peace Project video.


— Doug Sider is the Executive Director at BIC Canada Global.

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