Summer Book Club 2018 – Week Six (Chapter 6)

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A) Before You Read


B) READ: Chapter 6

C) Questions

  • Question 1

    Read the first several paragraphs in the article:

 According to King, what was the effect of land allotment, displacement, termination and reorganization been on Native people? What toll do you think this has taken on their identity as Indigenous people?

  • Question 2

    Take a look at a series of 16 photos posted by CBC that depict First Nations protests in Canada.

    Does understanding the importance and significance of land to Native people and the history of broken treaties outlined in the book, change the way you view the land claims that many First Nations in Canada are fighting for and the protests that have or are taking place?
    (Ex. Sauble Beach, Algonquins of Ontario, Mississauga #8)

  • Question 3

    Are there biblical principles of peacemaking that could be helpful in these tensions?

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E) Prayer

O God of infinite mercy,
we live in a land where the Native peoples were moved, often by force,
from the bountiful land they inhabited, to places of desolation.
Help us to support them now as they seek to retain their rich native cultures.
Open our eyes to the poverty and despair that so often accompany them through life,
and give us the courage and will to change the systems that perpetuate injustice,
for the sake of your Son, our Lord.” 
Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia