Summer Book Club – Sharing some First Nations perspectives

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Sharing some First Nations perspectives

We recently had the opportunity to visit some some of the First Nations Reserves of Treaty 4 in Saskatchewan near Regina. We were able to hear a little about their own experiences with some of the questions raised in “The Inconvenient Indian” by Thomas King. We asked the community leaders that we had connections with to share some of their thoughts and experiences. Some of these leaders declined to share their often challenging experiences on camera. But we are delighted to be able to share with you some of our interviews with Vera and Melissa. Both of these women are leaders in their communities and have experienced first hand the tensions between First Nations people and Non-First Nations people.

Vera Tourangeau

Vera Tourangeau is Peepeekisis 81 of the Cree First Nation. A high school teacher at Peepeekisis School, Vera was a former pastor and has addressed nationally and internationally on First Nations issues.

Melissa (Anaquod) Tavita

Melissa is Muscowpetung 80 of the Saulteaux First Nation and is a mother of four. She has recently been re-elected as a Band Councillor of the Muscowpetung reserve where she is responsible for various areas including economic growth, housing and education.


Question One:

How would you describe your experience of the relationship between First Nations people and Non-First Nations (white) people?



Question Two:

Do you still see and experience racism today?



Question Three:

What advice would you give to a Non-Native (white) person who might be learning about these issues for the first time?



Question Four:

What advice would you give to communities, leaders and pastors who are reading along with our Summer Book Club?



Final Thoughts