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Leadership & Theological Resources

Whether you’re newly discovering who we are at Be In Christ Church of Canada or you’ve been a part of our community for years, we are always learning, discussing and sharing our perspectives together.

Here are just some topics we’ve explored together in the past, and continue to have conversations about. We believe that we best understand how God is speaking to us by learning together in community and then sharing with each other what we hear God saying to us.

Practical Resources For Leaders

Leading a church (or any type of organization) can require logistical and administrative skills. As a denomination our Congregational Services staff are here to help.

These practical resources are designed to aid church leaders and boards in the business of running a church.

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Church Payroll Services

We can help support your local Be In Christ church community by providing Financial Advice & Payroll Services though our congregational services.

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Pastor Benefits Coverage

We want to make sure Pastors & Church Staff stay healthy and live well. That’s why we offer our churches access to group benefit coverage.

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CRA Reporting Resources

Do you need help and advice with your Be In Christ church’s charitable reporting? We can support you with our guidance and CRA reporting resources.

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