Handbook on Faith & Life

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Adopted May 2014 at our Annual General Meeting
Submitted to Industry Canada and the CRA

Printed and distributed to all Be In Christ Church of Canada congregations.

An Explanatory Document:
Governance Document(s) Explanation

Since the beginnings of our church family (about 1788) in Canada, the Brethren in Christ Church has produced numerous statements on doctrine, a constitution, and bylaws. In the preparation and approval of each successive statement, the desire of the church has been to have our life and practice together based on our understanding of the scriptures.

The Handbook on Faith & Life was adopted at the May 2016 Annual General Meeting.   The Handbook contains our Articles of Faith and Doctrine, our General Operating Bylaw and the Articles of Governance, which govern local churches and pastors.  From this document we develop our polity and practises.

The Handbook on Faith & Life is intended to promote unity and cooperation in our quest for piety and obedience. United in our common purpose, we seek to follow Jesus Christ as Lord of the Church.

As we continue to keep our Handbook relevant, we further our purpose:  “We are a growing faith community ~ following Jesus, sharing his message, and extending his peace around the world.”

Part 1 - Articles of Faith and Doctrine

Part 2 - Articles of Government

Part 3 - General Operating By-law No. 1