Global Partner Update – Venezuela (Nov/Dec 2018)

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Feliz Navidad (Happy Christmas), Venezuela!

The Be in Christ Church of Canada loves and cares for our brothers and sisters in Venezuela. The current Venezuelan reality is the sum of 20 years of high stress, political and social turmoil. Hyperinflation that supersedes 100% each month, coupled with shortages of basic products, means that items normally purchased are simply not available or are sold at such high prices that they are not affordable. The migration of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans to neighbouring countries like Colombia and Ecuador is fracturing families. All too frequently, both parents exit the country, leaving their children in the care of relatives or older siblings. The intense anger and sense of abandonment that this has produced is extremely troubling and has propelled the church to respond with the love of Jesus to the spiritual, emotional and psychological needs of children in these circumstances.

The Be in Christ Church of Canada is responding to the Venezuelan crisis by providing $200 of economic aid for every Venezuelan BIC pastor each month. If you would like to express your love and care through financial support, please give to the World Hunger Fund marked “Venezuelan Crisis”. You can donate by clicking HERE. In early November, two representatives of the Be in Christ Church of Canada, Trevor Main, Area Director for South and Central America, along with Gordon Gilmore, BIC missionary to Venezuela in the 1980’s, met up with five BIC Venezuelan pastors in Colombia while attending an Andean Anabaptist Summit. You can listen for yourself to Pastor José Otamendi, President of the BIC church of Venezuela, as he greets us and requests prayer in the accompanying video. Prayers for Venezuela can include our heart’s desire for them to have a Feliz Navidad – to be able to celebrate our Saviour’s birth with joy in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Feliz Navidad, Venezuela!



— Trevor Main is the Area Director for Central and South America at BIC Canada Global.

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