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Global Project Update: South Asia Impact – November 2016

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Your Impact in South East Asia

‘We were never created to fear the World, but to be difference makers in the World’.

This phrase has never been so hotly debated than today, and never more needed to be embraced. The fast-paced nature of global culture, rapid increase of human crisis, and the onslaught of violence and hostility, has been met with voices of fear and seclusion. Amidst all the noise however, is a united voice reminding us of this simple phrase – the united voice of those committed to respond to the needs of others.

This past week I was reminded how we as a BIC Canada family are witness to this truth. Over the past 6 months, those living in parts of South East Asia have been met with a series of natural disasters and crisis, coupled by the continuous weight of ongoing religious persecution. In response, we as a BIC family interceded on our knees in prayer, opened up our hands in generosity, and rolled up our sleeves to support and help. Just this week, I received letters containing numerous testimonies of praise, celebrating how God used our response to soften hardened hearts toward Christ, restore homes and crops, and see churches and Christian faith communities encouraged and growing. As one leader shared, one particular village that in the past 2 years has seen an earthquake, 2 floods, and persecution, will be baptizing 7 new Christians next month!

– Does our support of Global relief make a difference?
– Do our efforts in Global compassion communicate the love of Christ?
– Does prayer for the needs in our world work?

The thousands of lives touched by your investment would all echo a resounding YES!

Your ongoing support through praying, financial giving & action helps BIC Churches rebuild, grow and reach out to their own communities.
(Photographed below a BIC Church is rebuilt with your support after the flooding.)

Church building BIC South East Asia

There is still far more need to be met and lives to be reached for Christ. Let’s continue to make a difference.

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