Global Project Update: Cuba – October 2018

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Putting Wheels Under the Good News!

How often do we take our wheels for granted as we hop in the car and spin down the road from one appointment to another? In Cuba, transportation is a big problem as cars have astronomically high prices and fuel costs – as much there as it does here in Canada. As a result, pastors and church leaders depend on scant public transportation service to get them out in ministry. Several hours a day can be spent waiting for a bus to come and pick them up to travel where they need to go, including significant distances which must be walked.


In January 2018, we took a step of faith to experiment with the purchase of an electric motorcycle for one of the BIC Church Regional Overseers to use in ministry. I met up with Ramon at their Annual Meeting in October and he recounted what a huge difference having the motorcycle has made in his ministry. In the last 9 months, he has travelled over 8,686 Km with the motorcycle, which works great and runs on cheap electricity in a country that enjoys eternal Summer…perfect for using a motorcycle.

Would you pray with us that that the “Gospel will spread rapidly and be honoured wherever it goes in Cuba” (2 Thessalonians 3:1)?  In addition, please consider donating toward the purchase of 14 more electric motorcycles for Cuba, one for each Regional Overseer.  They cost $3,000 Canadian each.

Donations can be sent to BIC Canada-Global, 2700 Bristol Circle, Oakville, ON L6H 6E1 marked: CPE-014 Electric Motorcycle Cuba or online – clicking the button below, select the Global PROJECT and use the drop-down menu.

Together we are helping to put wheels under the Good News of the Gospel!

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  1. Having worked in Relief and Development for roughly 20 years I feel that I am sensitive to some of the issues that hopefully have been thought through and addressed before taking an action such as this. As I have read this through, a couple of things come to mind. By the way I’m not opposed to it!

    Whilst there is much merit in purchasing motorbikes, the system of fairness, jealousies etc. arise. I’m sure that this has been thought through, but you might be surprised a couple of years down the road, if a clear plan is not in place.

    Also…now that they can travel from A to B relatively quickly (to meetings etc.) the loss of connection with people that might be met on the road waiting for a bus, on the bus etc. is a biggy!

    It is dangerous to assume at what we need to get our work done in Canada fits into another culture. We begin to mess with culture! I’ve seen it happen in Cuba and in many parts of Africa. What was intended for good actually slowly helped to disintegrate community spirit.

    Please know that I’m not doom in gloom! But as someone who has worked with some of these development tools I just wanted to make sure the plan is well thought out!


    1. Author

      Thanks for your thoughtful insights Carol and your sensitivity. We certainly carry similar concerns and never want to impose Canadian ministry models in a non-canadian context. Our posture of service internationally is walking alongside our brothers and sisters, learning together with our eyes fixed on Jesus, who works in us and through us for His glory. Please continue to join us on this journey of faith, praying for God’s Kingdom to come, and for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We pray together against all forms of greed and jealousy at home and abroad. If you have any specific models/suggestions for ministry in Cuba from your extensive experience, feel free to contact me further Trevor(dot)main(at)canadianbic(dot)ca Thanks, Trevor – BIC Canada Area Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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