Global Partner Update – Cuba (March 2019)

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How would you feel about a 500% return on an investment?
It would feel pretty amazing wouldn’t it?

That kind of return is almost unheard of, except in Cuba, where the investments that the Be In Christ Church of Canada is making in Leadership Training are seeing returns like that. Here is how it works. The Cuban BIC Church leadership has established a Leadership Training Program in partnership with the School of Antioch, Mennonite Central Committee, The Canadian Cuban Projects Team and the Be in Christ Church of Canada to provide solid biblical foundations and Christian leadership essentials from an Anabaptist perspective to each of their more than 200 pastors. Each pastor in the program commits to taking the same training back to at least 5 people in their local churches. If you do the math, that’s a 500% return! In reality, many of the pastors being trained are sharing what they have learned with many more than 5 people.


Due to limited resources, the program has begun with just 31 pastors who meet four times a year for 4 days of intensive training. The most recent training event with these 31 pastors was held January 28th to February 1st and addressed the subject of The Formation of the Bible and its Impact on Biblical Interpretation. The participants enthusiastically received the instruction and benefitted from this program that provides them with teaching that strengthens our common identity, our understanding and application of the teaching of the Bible.

These are just some of the church leaders and pastors from the Cuban BIC Church.

The cost to train a Cuban pastor in this program is $250.00 a year for 3 years, a total of $750.00. Most of that amount is used to help cover the cost of transportation, food and lodging for each pastor (approximately $10.00 a day).

Does this investment appeal to you? Would you consider sponsoring a Cuban pastor’s leadership training with a gift of $250.00 a year for 3 years? The anticipated return is over 500%. Investments of smaller and larger amounts are also welcomed.

Invest by giving on-line to the project # LD-009 “Pastoral Training for Cuban Pastors”, or send a cheque to BIC Canada-Global, 2700 Bristol Circle, Oakville, ON L6H 6E1, marked “Pastoral Training for Cuban Pastors”.


— For more information contact Trevor Main, Area Director for Latin America at:

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