Global Partner Testimony – Venezuela (August 2019)

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Recently the leader of the BIC church in Venezuela shared the following testimony with us. A testimony of God’s incredible help following the robbery of their passport. We hope this is an encouragement to all of you:

“Last week I went to government institution that deals with ID cards and passports where hundreds of people line up every day. I stood in a line for about five hours, and then four more in a ‘seated line’ for a total of 9 hours with no bathroom and no water. In that situation I prayed “Lord, send an angel to help me, to give directions in this sea of confusion”, I wasn’t talking about the winged kind of angels, of course, although that would have been spectacular.

Then it happened. Somebody who knew me some years ago, but who was not a close friend, recognized me and came to help me. Typically the first step in the process is to file for the annulment of the stolen document.  After that, you wait for some days until you are notified that the passport was canceled.  Then you apply for a new one.  The process takes so much time, and it is extra difficult to due to corruption that occurs with some people ending up paying dearly in dollars to get it. But this man said to me: “Let’s do the whole thing now so that you’ll get your new passport soon.”  I just had to go back the next day again and the process was completed! I am still amazed.

It is tremendous how God works in our lives even when other people hurt us.”

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