Central & South America

Partnering with National BIC churches through BIC Canada-Global

A Region of Passion & Faithfulness

Be In Christ Church of Canada continues to invest in strong relationships with the National BIC churches in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Through providing both resources and relational community we are able to learn from each other, demonstrating the love of Jesus for his people around the world.

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  • Church Planting
    Baptisms Cuba
    [New Churches – Cuba]

    Local Be In Christ churches (through their Cooperative Ministries) and BIC Canada-Global donors support church planting and impact communities in a range of countries through partnering with National BIC churches.

  • “Stock” Investments
     Nicaragua Cows
    [Cows for Pastors – Nicaragua] 
    The National BIC church in Nicaragua has created a capital fund where the profits from raising calves is used to provide a retirement benefit for pastors who have provided long-term ministry through the church.

  • Pastor Training
    Spanish Translated Book
    [Resources – Nicaragua]
    Theological and training resources are being translated and provided for pastors in Spanish speaking countries. (such as the book “Adventures In Discipleship” – Norman A. Bert )

Area Director

Trevor Main

BIC Canada-Global Area Director
– Central & South America
Trevor has been privileged to serve God and the BIC church in both pastoral ministry in Canada, and as a missionary in Venezuela and Colombia. Trevor enjoys the blessing of being bilingual helping bridge the language barrier between Spanish speaking parts of the world and Canada.

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Be In Christ Church of Canada has been involved in supporting missionaries to Cuba since 1954 and the growth of the BIC Church of Cuba has been a story of dedication and faithfulness.

Today BIC Canada-Global maintains a vital partnership with the BIC Church of Cuba through leadership training, house church pastor support, and compassionate ministry by responding to material needs in the country.

The Canadian–Cuban Projects Team, is also a partner organization that provides funds and assistance for major projects in Cuba like the Leadership Training Conference Centre Project in Palmira. There are regular opportunities to participate on teams that travel to Cuba for hands-on partnership.




In the early 1980’s, when Be In Christ Church of Canada and BIC US felt God leading them to take the Gospel to some major urban areas in the world, our attention turned to Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela.

The first missionaries sent to Caracas, Gord and Susie Gilmore, were from Canada and arrived in 1982 to begin evangelism and church planting efforts. Other missionaries joined the team and three local churches were established. Today four local congregations are actively following Jesus and serving him in the midst of some challenging dynamics, economically, socially and politically.

BIC Canada-Global desires to renew and strengthen our relationship with the Brethren in Christ Church in Venezuela and looks forward to how God will guide us together in the years to come.


In 2015, the Nicaraguan Brethren in Christ Church celebrated their 50th Anniversary! Since the arrival of the first missionaries in 1965 the church has grown to over 3,500 members and gathers to worship and serve God through more than 110 local church families.

BIC Canada-Global partners with the Nicaraguan Brethren in Christ Church by supporting numerous special projects related to Leadership Training, Evangelism and Church Planting and Compassion Ministries.

Local Canadian Be in Christ churches have been active in sending short-term teams to Nicaragua where they have enjoyed meaningful Christian fellowship and the opportunity to support the Nicaraguan church in things like children’s ministry and construction projects.

A major project already underway is the construction of a National Church Conference Centre near to the city of Managua in an area known as San Antonio Sur. Various Be In Christ churches are helping support projects like these (Read the Case study of Wainfleet BIC & Westheights BIC involvement here >>).


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