Finding A New Flow

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Finding A New Flow

Reflections from Melanie Wigg the new Director of Next Generation Engagement on leading the FLOW Internship.

In December I began my new role directing our FLOW Internship Program. The FLOW Internship Program is a collaboration between our churches and the denomination to invest in our young adult leaders. FLOW interns hold meaningful summer jobs in churches, camps, or not-for-profits, and we as the Be In Christ denomination provide high quality events for them focused on leadership development and spiritual formation. Recently we finished our first FLOW retreat of the summer.

It was an amazing retreat.

And not because I planned it! Yes, we had fun, meaningful, and intentional activities and discussions. We attended Theological Study Day and AGM. We conquered some escape rooms. We had lots packed into just a few days.

However, this retreat was amazing because these young adults are amazing. I experienced these young adults being the church in inspiring and healthy ways. Here are a few of my takeaways that have stuck with me.


I saw in these young adults an inclusive and open spirit. A sense of community and belonging quickly formed. They hold a genuine desire for safety and acceptance, demonstrated both in words and action. We learn and grow best in community, and this group is showing how people from different places and experiences and interests can do this well.

I saw a deep desire to grow and follow Jesus into new places. These young adults are embracing new challenges and trusting God to grow them on this journey. They want to better understand themselves and their gifts, deepen their relationship with God, and step out in faith. It is inspiring.

And I saw a willing spirit to serve however needed. These FLOW interns were serving each other on our retreat: cooking and cleaning up and more. They were serving you behind the scenes at Theological Study Day and AGM, not just when asked, but also asking how else they could help. It was a great example of a Jesus-centred posture.

I came away from our first retreat incredibly encouraged. I am in my first year directing FLOW, so I feel like I’m right in there with these young adults – learning new things, desiring to grow, allowing myself to be stretched, and trusting that God is leading me. That’s a great place for all of us to be.

My biggest takeaway from the retreat?

With young adult leaders like these ones, the future of the church looks very bright!


— Melanie Wigg is the Director of Next Generation Engagement at Be In Christ Church of Canada

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  1. Blessings Melanie.
    As a senior it is very encouraging t o see so many young adults seeking to follow Jesus. My. Prayers and thoughts are with you.

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