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Becoming A Compelling Communicator

Leadership Development Session 2016 – Learning to Communicate Better.

The Power Of Words

A key part of any pastor’s role is communication, whether it is preaching a sermon at a Sunday morning service, facilitating small community groups, or one-to-one conversations.
In order to support and equip our pastors Be In Christ Church of Canada facilitated a leadership development day in Summer 2016 on “Becoming a Compelling Communicator.”

Bruxy Cavey started the day with a session on “How I Prepare Sermons” addressing some of the challenges faced by a pastor looking to teach regularly.

Followed by two morning breakout sessions (unrecorded)focused on equipping two groups:
– Leaders over the age of 30 were led by Darryl Dash.
– Those 30 & under were led by Christa Hesselink.

In the afternoon three workshops were offered:
Darrel Dash led a session on “Learning from different preaching streams.”
Jon Hand spoke on “Preaching to Outsiders.”
A Panel of Multi-Generational Pastorsdiscussed “How Best to Communicate Across Generations.”

Recording Date: June 9th, 2016
Recording Location: The Meeting House, Oakville

Development Day Schedule Details

Audio Resources:

Session Handout

"Preaching to Outsiders"
- by Jon Hand

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