May 2020 Annual General Meeting

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Dear Delegates and Guests to our BIC Annual General Meeting,

During these days of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are all working in our various settings to re-imagine what it means to be together. One of our core values surrounds the idea of being community with one another. In a time of physical distancing, that takes many new forms.

As you all know, our annual BIC AGM takes place each spring. We value this time of gathering to connect, celebrate what God has been doing across our church family, share new initiatives, report and do the practical business side of ministry. It is a time where we get to share the good things we do together while enjoying being part of an extended kingdom family. Our Board of Directors has decided that, under the current situation with COVID-19, it would be best to come up with a strategy to hold a modified AGM. Our revised plan is to cover the business portion of the day using an online platform.

If you have been appointed a delegate to AGM 2020 on behalf of your member church, your church will send us your contact information. We will email you the information and resources you need to participate and vote. Any questions may be sent to and will be directed accordingly.

Grace and peace.

Charles E. Mashinter, Interim Executive Director

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