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A History of Change & Faithfulness

Be in Christ Church of Canada began sometime between 1775 and 1788 near the present town of Marietta in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. For the most part, our founding mothers and fathers had an Anabaptist background and were deeply affected by the revivals of the great awakening of the eighteenth century and the Pietistic movements. These revivals emphasized a personal, heart-felt conversion experience.

The earliest members of the Be in Christ Church simply called themselves “the Brethren.” By 1788 a group of “the Brethren” immigrated to Canada and became known there as the “Tunkers,” a reference to their practice of baptism by immersion (from the German word meaning “to dip”). By the mid 1930’s “The Brethren” were referring to themselves as the Brethren in Christ Church.

  • 1911: Early members of the BIC Church

  • 1894: The first city mission of the BIC Church (Chicago, Illinois USA)

  • Bethel BIC Church,
    Kansas USA


In setting forth our Core Values, we declare our ties with followers of Jesus in all times and all places.
We confess with them the faith as embodied in the Apostle’s Creed and the Nicene Creed. We recognize that these values are rooted in our history and faith beliefs. In broad strokes, they convey the essential ideas that our network of churches believe.

Experiencing God’s Love & Grace

We value the free gift of salvation in Christ Jesus and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Following Jesus

We value whole hearted obedience to Christ Jesus through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit.

Worshiping God

We value heartfelt worship that is God-honouring, Spirit-directed, and life-changing.

Believing the Bible

We value the Bible as God’s authoritative Word, study it together, and build our lives on its truth.

Belonging to the Community of Faith

We value integrity in relationships and mutual accountability in an atmosphere of grace, love, and acceptance.

Witnessing to the World

We value an active and loving witness for Christ to all people.

Serving Compassionately

We value serving others at their point of need, following the example of our Lord Jesus.

Pursuing Peace

We value all human life and promote forgiveness, understanding, reconciliation, and non-violent resolution of conflict.

Living Simply

We value uncluttered lives, which free us to love boldly, give generously, and serve joyfully.

Relying on God

We confess our dependence on God for everything, and seek to deepen our intimacy with Him by living prayerfully.

Meet Our Staff Team

Charlie Mashinter

Interim ED /
Team Leader — Community Churches

Charlie is passionate about seeing local Be In Christ Community Churches across Canada reach their kingdom potential as centres of spiritual life and blessing in their neighbourhoods.

Sheryl Clark

Operations Manager
Sheryl has used her gifts in development, admin & leadership to support the Be In Christ Church of Canada since 2005. She has a passion to help communities realize their visionary goals.

Todd Lester

Director of Ministry
Development & Operations

Todd loves helping pastors and church leaders become more effective so that they can better achieve their mission of introducing people to the simple and uncompromising message that it’s all about Jesus.

Melanie Wigg

Director of Next Generation Engagement
Melanie loves to empower others to grow in their gifts and take risks of faith. She has also served as a worship pastor for many years, and enjoys playing the guitar and writing music.

Matt Vincent

Team Leader
— Network Churches

Matt’s work and dream is to see new, creative and healthy expressions of spiritual communities, be planted in every major city across Canada. He loves the process of imagining, discerning, listening, and taking adventurous steps in following Jesus with others.

Darrell Winger

Senior Pastor
— The Meeting House

Darrell has been in ministry with Be In Christ for over 25 years in various roles including local church, global missions, and denominational leadership.
In 2005 Darrell helped to establish the International BIC Association (IBICA).

Janet Manafo

Director of
Congregational Services

Janet’s interest in Human Resources is driven by a desire to help people relate well to one another. She feels most at home when serving, loving, and learning along side her church family of Jesus’ followers.

BIC Canada-Global Team


Charmaine Stulp

BIC Canada-Global
Administrative Coordinator

Charmaine has served in various ministry roles for most of her life! She is passionate about how God personally reveals Himself. She and her husband, Andrew have 2 awesome kids. Charmaine loves to bake, to sit and sing at the piano, to read and watch hockey. She loves working with wood and paint and isn’t afraid of power tools!

Trevor Main

BIC Canada-Global
Area Director – Central & South America

Trevor has been privileged to serve God and the BIC church in both pastoral ministry in Canada, and as a missionary in Venezuela and Colombia. Trevor enjoys the blessing of being bilingual helping bridge the language barrier between Spanish speaking parts of the world and Canada.


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