We are a growing faith community – following Jesus, sharing his message, and extending his peace around the world.
United By A Love Of Jesus

One Church,
Three Expressions

Be in Christ Church of Canada is a network of churches and faith communities. We look a little different from each other, but we are united by our love of Jesus, love of each other and our common vision.

Through our different expressions of faith – The Meeting House, The Network and our Community Churches – we are reaching out in our community to introduce people to Jesus message of love, show his compassion and build his church.

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Community Churches

have different and unique looks, histories and styles of doing ministry. They discern how Jesus is directing their life together under local pastoral leadership and church boards. Our passion is to see them become vibrant centres of spiritual life, serving people and presenting the life-changing message of Jesus in word, action and relevant ministry. Community Churches are all about faith, family and a feeling of “coming home”.

The Meeting House

is a church for people who aren’t into church. Interested in Jesus, but not into traditional religion? Then The Meeting House is the right place for you. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with organized religion, maybe you are investigating Jesus for the first time, or maybe you have moved into a new area and are looking for a community to rally around and serve our world better.

The Network

A connection of congregations who eagerly desire to embody the presence of Jesus in our communities. Some meet as congregations that gather on weekends for worship and teaching, while others meet in smaller faith communities throughout the week. Our passion is to see them empowering Christ-followers to become actively engaged in mission outside of the walls.

Our Core Values

  • Following Jesus
  • Worshiping God
  • Witnessing to the World
  • Pursuing Peace
  • Living Simply
  • Experiencing God’s Love & Grace
  • Believing The Bible
  • Belonging to the Community of Faith
  • Serving Compassionately
  • Relying on God


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Leadership & Theological Resources

Whether you’re newly discovering who we are at Be In Christ Church of Canada or you’ve been a part of our community for years, we are always learning, discussing and sharing our perspectives together.

Here are just some topics we’ve explored together in the past, and continue to have conversations about. We believe that we best understand how God is speaking to us by learning together in community and then sharing with each other what we hear God saying to us.

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Whether you are looking for the closest Be In Christ church to where you live or you are trying to search for a the nearest site or community to your University. We have you covered.

Be In Christ – Around the World

We are part of something much bigger.
Connecting with other National BIC Churches around the world (as BIC Canada-Global) we partner and support Global Projects that demonstrate Jesus’ love, share his message of pease and impact lives.


Case Study:
Partnering in Nicaragua

As a Be In Christ Church of Canada local church BIC Canada-Global is here to help connect your community with a Global Project.

In Canada, Wainfleet BIC & Westheights BIC churches have joined with the BIC Nicaragua (through BIC Canada-Global), contributing $74,000 towards their vision of building a national ministry centre near the country’s capital city of Managua. This facility will provide a place to hold their AGM, training events, a Bible school, national youth & women’s conferences, and a space where the local BIC church can meet. Read More >>

Want To Get Involved? We Can Help!

Start a Conversation in your Church

It all starts with a desire to partner beyond ourselves.
Start a conversation in your church about what impact or relationships, beyond your immediate or local community, you might want to invest in. What resources, skills or value might you be able to bring? How will you position yourself to partner and learn well?

Identify Possible Projects

Whether you already have some ideas or you’re starting from scratch, try looking for an global project that resonates with your community.
Remember: BIC Canada-Global staff have great connections to other National BIC Churches and are available to help you find a place to serve and connect. E-mail:

Plug In - Connect Well

Creating a good and working support network for your Global Projects is essential for success. Let BIC Canada-Global know what your thoughts are early on, that way you can take advantage of knowledge, experience and resources to develop a robust project plan.

Get Ready & Go!

Once you’ve identified and arranged your Global Project INCLUDING connecting with BIC Canada-Global, you’ve made your plans and rallied your community it’s time to get ready & GO! (just don’t forget to send us a postcard!)

Practical Resources For Leaders

Leading a church (or any type of organization) can require logistical and administrative skills. As a denomination our Congregational Services staff are here to help.

These practical resources are designed to aid church leaders and boards in the business of running a church.

Computer Screen - Payroll
Church Payroll

We can help support your local Be In Christ church community by providing Financial Advice & Payroll Services though our congregational services.

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Computer Screen - Payroll
Pastor Benefits

We want to make sure Pastors & Church Staff stay healthy and live well. That’s why we offer our churches access to group benefit coverage.

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Computer Screen - Payroll
CRA Reporting

Do you need help and advice with your Be In Christ church’s charitable reporting? We can support you with our guidance and CRA reporting resources.

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Feel like we may be a good fit?
Learn more about the “Pastoral Way.”

Visit the “Pastoral Way” – Our Leadership Website

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