The Story So Far… REUNION Richmond, BC

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The story so far…

Reunion Richmond is just over one year old. Our first gatherings consisted of a shared meal, telling the story that brought us to plant a church, and sharing our heart and vision for our community. We wanted to create a community in our neighbourhood of Steveston, BC that was centered on the way of Jesus.

What began as monthly dinners, prayer times and walking through our Reunion ‘culture statements’ has quickly developed into a group of friends leaning into the teachings of Jesus and together asking, “What does it mean for us to follow Jesus in our modern world?” In an attempt to live out that question, we now gather weekly on Sunday evenings to share a meal, pray, sing, and study scripture together. We do so to be encouraged, listened to, equipped, and challenged as we move closer to Christ and one another, for the sake of our community.


Reunion Richmond is a wonderfully diverse group, ranging from newborns to grandmas, with singles and young families!  We all come together as a family around the table. One of the highlights has been watching deep relationships form between people who were strangers before gathering at our table. The vulnerability, honesty, and depth of our crew is a such a wonderful gift to experience!

We recently acquired a ministry space in the heart of Steveston Village, which we are sharing with two other local ministries, we’re calling it “the HUB” and plan to use it primarily as a community space – offering art classes, a ‘home base’ for our local run club, creating a co-lab work space for people looking to connect, and more! 

We hosted a joint Christmas Eve service in the Village, in which we shared the wonderful story of God coming to be with us, with over 100 people! Many who came were friends and neighbours from our community.


This last year was exceptional – from child dedications, to people saying “yes” to Jesus for the first time, from weddings to the weekly rhythm of our Sunday gatherings.  I am immensely grateful to be involved in the lives of people who are intentionally moving toward Jesus! I cannot wait for what is ahead in 2019, and am grateful for the friendship, accountability, and support of the Reunion network, and the broader BIC family as well! We have had a great start, and trust that, as we live our faith in our neighbourhood, God’s kingdom will advance in and through us all the more this year!


— Dean Morris is the Lead Pastor and Church Planter at REUNION Richmond.

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  1. YES- So excited to cheer you and and see where the adventure of following Jesus leads next!!

  2. Great to read this update! May God continuevto guide you forward in community enriched and transformed by Jesus!

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