The Sponsorship Program for International Children’s Education (SPICE) is a cooperative effort led by Brethren in Christ in India and Nepal and supported by BIC Canada, and the Brethren in Christ US.  SPICE exists to provide educational access to underprivileged children in a Christian hostel experience.  Through the SPICE program:

  • 9 hostels are operated throughout India and Nepal
  • 1000 children are housed, fed, cared for and educated each year
  • Some of the world’s poorest are cared for

It is the merging of educational instruction, holistic child development program and spiritual enrichment that makes SPICE so effective.

For more information: or contact Sherry Main.

Sponsor a Child Now!

Visit our Donate Page – select “SPICE Sponsorship Program – India/Nepal”.  One annual child sponsorship is $210.

Sponsors receive a photo that allows them to be a SPICE Prayer Partner, upholding the ministry and the children in your PRAYERS.  Sponsorship provides you with…

  • The chance to invest in the lives of FUTURE LEADERS in the Indian and Nepalese Brethren in Christ Churches
  • The opportunity to give a LIFE CHANGING GIFT to a child in need