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The Impact of MomCare

In her recent Dinner Table interview Carol Hand spoke about the MomCare Initiative, sharing what inspired the initiative, how the events are organized and a little about the community response. In this extension to the interview we explore a little more about what impact MomCare has had on those involved.

Can you tell me about a particular moment, activity or person that has stood out in your memory? What made it special?

There is so much appreciation and positive feedback from each MomCare but it always amazes me the directing of The Spirit in guiding women to us. An example of that is my daughter-in-law Aimee works as Administrative Assistant in a local congregation. I gave her the MomCare info and she put it in the church bulletin. A single mom from that church did come and with tears in her eyes thanked us for hosting such a caring event as MomCare. It refreshed and restored her spirit.

One MomCare a woman stepped into the door near our Welcome Centre. She was shaking with obvious anxiety and near tears and almost rudeness around to run out the door. One of our very spiritually sensitive greeters approached her gently, spoke softly to her and escorted her from activity to activity, and even had the opportunity to pray with her. She left with a sparkly clean car, a big smile and gave hugs all around. She has now attended MomCare three times and enters the door with joy & anticipation. Interesting how the same greeter always seems to ‘coincidently’ be at the door each time this woman as attended.

Dinner Table Article

Read the recent article featured in The Dinner Table – Winter 2018/2019. Carol Hand of Wainfleet Church shared with us about how a little care and compassion can make a huge impact on the lives of those whose experience it. Read More Here >>

To connect with Wainfleet BIC Church about how to host a MomCare Event visit: www.wainfleetbic.com/outreach

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