Daily Prayer Reflections

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Lent is a season in the Christian calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends six weeks later, right before Easter Sunday.  Historically it is a time of preparation for the celebration of Easter.  As a follower of Christ, one would pray, repent, seek forgiveness, give to the poor and deny one-self something significant.  It was a way of humbling oneself in preparation for Easter.

The past year has seen tragedy in our world at a level we have not experienced in some time.  A missing plane and another needlessly shot out of the sky, terror, war in Palestine, the advancement of ISIS, unrest and the threat of outright war in Europe.  Ebola, measles, devastating floods and millions of refugees around the world remind us that we live in a broken world in need of the hope of Christ.  It is our hope that through these readings, produced by leaders and pastors from across BIC Canada and the BIC U.S., you will be encouraged, reminded of the hope this world has in Christ and of the ultimate victory of Christ over the powers of darkness.

You will be provided with six readings (Monday to Saturday) per week.  Take a moment each day, read the text, the brief reading, pray the prayer and allow the Spirit of God to work in your life.

May these be days of encouragement for you.


Doug Sider                                            Alan Robinson

BIC Canada Executive Director        BIC U.S. National Director