BIC Canada requires all pastoral / ministry staff to be credentialed by BIC Canada. This ensures a healthy theological fit between pastors and the denomination and the congregation they serve. While the process does take some time to complete, it helps ensure that the incoming pastor feels comfortable within the BIC Canada family of churches.

As you begin the discernment process for a ministry position within or associated with BIC Canada, the following are the necessary steps:

Step 1. Contact the Appropriate Team Leader to Initiate the Process

This is the first step.  You must contact the appropriate team leader for the ministry expression within which you would like to serve.

If you are considering a pastoral role in:

If you are considering a credential clergy role beyond the local church (e.g. chaplain, spiritual director, para-church, etc.) contact Doug Sider.

Step 2. Self Assessment

To assess your compatibility with BIC Canada read the following documents that express BIC Canada theological views and core values:

And watch the following teaching videos by Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House:

Of special note (be sure to watch these two):

Ep. 1 – The Emperor’s New Clothes  (April 11, 2010)
Ep. 4 – Just War: Understanding the Majority View  (May 02, 2010)

Step 3. Documents

After reading through the above material, please complete the Credentialing Profile & Questionnaire.  It is in Microsoft Word format so you can complete it on your computer and send it back via email to your Team Leader.  In addition we will need a personal digital photo.

Step 4. Background Check

We require you to provide a recent (within the past 12 months) Criminal Record Check from your local police department, including Vulnerable Sector report. Please have the results sent directly to our office (BIC Canada, 2700 Bristol Circle, Oakville, ON L6H 2N9).

Step 5. Interview

Once all documentation has been submitted you will need to schedule an interview with the appropriate leader within BIC Canada (if this is not clear, please contact our office). When the interview is successfully completed a recommendation will go forward to the Director for Leadership Development for final approval. Provisional credentials will be issued once a ministry assignment with BIC Canada has been finalized.

Step 6.

Once provisional credentials have been issued you will be required to do three final things before full credentials are issued:

  1. Attend an orientation/educational event in the year following.
  2. Complete any additional work assigned by the team leader or the Director of Pastoral and Leadership Development.
  3. Complete the educational requirements within 3 years.

Please contact the BIC Canada Office if you have any questions.

Current Credentialled – Resources:

Please fill out and send in to our office.