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What is the FLOW Internship? 

When we discover our unique God-given gifts, find ways to develop them in a safe setting, and follow where Jesus leads, we experience a sense of FLOW.


Regardless of where you’re working, we want to help you to “find your FLOW” by developing you through our high-impact development days & retreats.

For more information visit: www.flowinternship.com

Flow Interns 2017:

<b>Samantha Butler</b>

Samantha Butler

Living Faith BIC Church
(Children & Church Ministry)

My name is Samantha and I live in Chatham. I’m working at living faith this summer and my role is with children and the church. In my role, I’ll be doing VBS and pastoral aspects. In my spare time I like to play my drums and worship God from playing, it gives me a chance to get closer to him. One thing I’m excited about the FLOW Internship this summer is meeting others like me finding more about God in a church way connecting making a life change towards getting more like Jesus, and here are three things I’m hoping to learn this summer:

1) How to run a VBS.
2) Seeing a church get off the ground.
3) Getting more into Gods word and presence.

<b>Julia Crawford</b>

Julia Crawford

The Meeting House, Oakville
(Communications Intern)

My name is Julia and I live in Oakville. I’m working at The Meeting House this summer and my role is communications intern. In my role, I’ll be doing various tasks related to video production and social media. In my spare time I like to be active and adventurous. One thing that excites me about the FLOW Internship this summer is learning about how we, as young adults, can positively influence the world. Here are three things I’m hoping to learn this summer:

1) Where my strengths lie?
2) What makes a good employee?
3) What it takes to create engaging content?

<b>Jillian Lambert</b>

Jillian Lambert

Wainfleet BIC Church
(Pastoral Intern)

Hi there! My name is Jillian Lambert and I live in Wainfleet Ontario. This summer I will be working as the pastoral apprentice for Wainfleet Brethren In Christ Church. This role will involve encouraging home and hospital visits, leading out bible studies in retirement homes, administration duties, as well as engaging with refugee families to promote learning and understanding of language and culture. In my free time I enjoy playing guitar and singing, adventures big or small, and a strong cup of coffee. I am so excited to have the opportunity to spend more time with individuals within my church family. Everyone has a story, and I believe these stories deserve to be heard. This summer I am hoping to learn:

1) The importance of spending time just listening.
2) How to encourage healthy discussion and conversation about the word of God.
3) Learn more about my own nation, and others as I work with families from across the world!

<b>Naomi Laserna</b>

Naomi Laserna

The Village BIC Church
(Event & Admin Planning)

My name is Naomi Laserna and I live in Whitby, Ontario. I’m working at The Village, Whitby this summer with Pastor Jonathan Manafo and I am the Events Coordinator and Children's Ministry Intern. In my role, I’ll be helping plan events (including our 5k/10k run benefiting Habitat For Humanity Durham), administrative jobs and assisting our Children's director, Lindsay Thompson. In my spare time I love to play guitar/piano and sing and be around people! One thing I’m excited about the FLOW Internship this summer is getting to know the other interns who are also working in BIC churches and growing together in Christ. Here are three things I’m looking forward to this summer:

1) I hope to learn more about myself in regards to my strengths and weaknesses.
2) How I can apply the things I will learn at Flow into my leadership at Campus Church Ministry (at UOIT).
3) Study the word with other young adults who are in the same stage of life as me so that we can all share our stories and experiences.

<b>Nelson Mburu</b>

Nelson Mburu

The Rock BIC &
Doon Presbyterian Church
(Community Outreach)

My name is Nelson Mburu and I live in Kitchener Ontario. I’m working at Doon Presbyterian church this summer and I will be the summer outreach coordinator. In my role, I’ll be supporting and helping to run the churches community outreach programs. In my spare time I like to go out with friends and play video games. One thing I’m excited about the FLOW Internship this summer is the opportunity to growing in my faith and here are three things I’m hoping to learn this summer:

1) How to use my strengths in ministry.
2) Develop my leadership skills.
3) Explore all my spiritual gifts.

<b>Natalie McMillan</b>

Natalie McMillan

Wainfleet BIC Church
(Child & Youth Ministry)

My name is Natalie McMillan and I live in Wainfleet. I'm working at the Wainfleet BIC Church this summer as the Child and Youth ministry intern. In this role, I will be helping the children's ministry leader with Sunday school, kids church, Sunday school parties and events, our Church picnic, Vacation Bible school, and other events. In addition, I will also be involved in helping with Youth and Junior Youth nights and events and I will be playing a large role in the planning of our end of summer Youth event called Churchella. In my spare time, I like to play guitar, write songs, read, and spend time with my husband. What I am excited for most about this internship is to be working with children. Here are three things I'm hoping to learn this summer:

1) How to manage ministry work, while also continuing to grow in my personal relationship with God
2) To develop my skills of working with and managing children.
3) Transferable skills such as creativity, time-management, and other skills.

<b>Erin Merryweather</b>

Erin Merryweather

Be In Christ
Church of Canada
(Administrative Assistant)

Hello! My name is Erin and I currently live in Oakville. I am thrilled and privileged to be participating in the the Flow Internship for the second time. This summer I am working as an Administrative Assistant for Be In Christ Canada, which means I get to aid in the facilitation of the Flow Internship’s development days and retreats! I am excited to be able to share my insights from my previous internship and also support the growth of my fellow Flow 2017 interns. Specifically, I am hoping to learn:

1) More about being in God’s presence 24/7.
2) What constitutes serving in my post-student life?
3) How I can best express my love for God in creative ways.

<b>James Sikkema</b>

James Sikkema

Sauble Christian Fellowship
(Pastoral Intern)

My name is James and I live on a farm near a little town called Tara in Ontario. I’m working at Sauble Christian Fellowship church in Sauble Beach this summer and my role is a pastoral intern. In my role, I’ll be working under the congregational pastor and managing our first impression teams which include ushers, greeters, and parking lot greeters. I will also be leading a book club for the summer and be in charge of organizing a weekly church baseball event. In my sparetime I like to read, play sports, and help out on my parent’s farm. One thing I’m excited about the FLOW Internship this summer is learning more about how I’m gifted as a person, and here are three things I’m hoping to learn this summer:

1) How to be more outgoing.
2) More about God’s calling on my life.
3) More about how a church operates on the inside.

<b>Celine Wiens</b>

Celine Wiens

Pelham Friends Church
(Children & Community Events)

Hi guys! My name is Celine and I live in Niagara Falls. This summer I will be working at Pelham Friends Church, as an intern in community outreach. In my role, I will be leading a vacation bible school, as well as participating in other community events. I like to spend my free time outside hiking or relaxing on a beach! I'm super excited about being a FLOW Intern this summer, because I have the opportunity to show children and families the love of God, while doing something I am passionate about! This summer I hope to learn:

1) How I can serve God and others best by using the talents He has given me.
2) How to love others better.
3) How to be a better Christian leader.