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Growing up I enjoyed school… but yes, there were days I tried to fake a fever (a hot shower followed up by breathing heavily under my blankets) to get out of school for the day. I don’t remembering it working once, and by the time I got to school I loved being there. In our family, each August was school prep month. We’d buy our school clothes, and get our school supplies.

At supper the night before school started, we would talk about the highlights of our summer off school. And then the next morning we would walk a long 175 metre journey to school! We came home every day for lunch, we had a warm meal each night, lots of homework help and either our family doctor or the area school nurse provided all our medical treatment with no direct cost to us. When I went to school I went to learn. I had the resource provided for me that I could learn.

In Nepal it is different. Low family income can make the price of basic school supplies out of reach for some families. In these families, the choice is often between children generating additional income by working, spending money on education or having enough to eat. The Nepal PEACE Project is aimed to provide a way to overcome these barriers to a child education by provide kids with:

  • One daily meal
  • Basic medical care
  • A school uniform each academic year
  • School supplies
  • Tuition assistance to meet required school fees
  • Tutoring to help with the completion of homework leading to academic success
  • Spiritual mentoring and teaching each week

The church in Nepal wants to see all kids experience the value and benefits of education and so started the PEACE Project (Providing Essential Assistance for Children’s Education). The ministry began in 2018 and is currently serving the needs of 59 children (28 girls and 31 boys) who are in primary schools.

The PEACE Project helps kids meet their needs in four basic areas – the physical, academic, spiritual and social – parts of who they are as a person.

The program works with children 6 days a week, either before school (winter session) or after school (summer session) for two hours each day. The program purposely works out of local churches in the community. This connects the local church with local people. The two current sites are near the city of Birtamode, Nepal.

Each night the child goes to their own home, where they are with family and friends from their community. This keeps children in their homes and ensures they get the best education possible in the safest way possible.

The PEACE Project is a wonderful way to assist children in their education in a part of the world where life can be difficult and accessing education can have challenges.

I would encourage you to consider giving to the Nepal P.E.A.C.E. Project. The program costs about $50 per month/per child or $600 a year. About the cost of one Tim Horton’s coffee each day. These fees cover the costs of all the services provided to the children, including assistance for the staff who teach, mentor and work preparing food for the children.

If you want to consider this investment visit the BIC Canada-Global Donation Page and select CE-010 – Nepal P.E.A.C.E. from the Projects dropdown menu.

Be in Christ Church of Canada helped the BIC Nepalese church after the earthquake, and currently partners with them in church planting, leadership/pastoral development and the PEACE Project.

We celebrate what God is doing in Nepal.

Basic Facts on Nepal:

Total population: 29,496,000

Median age: 23.6 years

Religion: 81.3% Hindu, 9% Buddhist, 4.4% Muslim, 1.4% Christian 

GDP per capita: 2,700 USD or 3,645 CAD

Eight of the world’s 10 tallest mountains are along Nepal’s border

Please Pray for:

  • For God’s blessing and protection for those doing the work of church planting. While Nepal is a secular country it is illegal to be involved in the work of church planting.

  • Pray for wisdom for the national leader and his spouse as they provide oversight to the churches, church planting efforts, the development of pastors and the P.E.A.C.E program.

  • Pray for the pastors, teachers and those cooking as they serve the dozens of kids currently enrolled in the P.E.A.C.E program. May they know the difference they are making and be encouraged in their work of helping children with their education.


— Doug Sider is the Executive Director at BIC Canada Global.

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