The International Brethren in Christ Association (IBICA) provides a common network for the global community of the Brethren in Christ. Its purpose is:

  • To facilitate communication, build mutual trust and cooperation within the global Brethren in Christ (BIC) community;
  • To provide for mutual understanding and cooperation in establishing a common set of core values, the establishing and recognizing of conferences, and the credentialing of church leaders;
  • To provide a forum for consideration of theological issues;
  • To provide a framework for addressing mutual concerns;
  • To serve as a common voice for the global BIC community in speaking to issues of common interest;
  • To provide a forum for fellowship and the building of relationships among global BIC church leaders; and
  • To identify strategic issues, facilitate discussion and research, and consider appropriate action.

As a member church, BIC Canada gives 1% of Cooperative Ministries income to the International Brethren in Christ Association.