2018|10 – Fall LEAD Event – Leadership in this Cultural Moment


For those of us who find ourselves privileged to pastor a church community, it is imperative that we continue to grow and learn and develop our leadership potential. The Be In Christ Church of Canada is committed to your leadership development. Our new strategic plan has two major initiatives; one of those initiatives is a vision to see our pastors become transformational leaders.

Over the next five years you will have the opportunity to attend over 100 development events. As I plan those development events, I am particularly excited about this Fall’s LEAD event that is for all expressions (Community Churches, The Network, The Meeting House) on Oct 18th. The theme for the day is ‘Leadership In This Cultural Moment.’  We have two speakers for the day – Danielle Strickland and Dr. Gary V. Nelson. Both bring a wealth of experience and both have tremendous insight into the leadership challenge facing the church in this new cultural moment. I look forward to seeing all of you on Oct 18th and I believe that God has brought these two people to us in order that we might become the transformational leaders that God desires for us.


9:30am – Opening Worship, Welcome and Activity

10:15am – Session One – Leadership in this Cultural Moment (Danielle Strickland)

11:15am – Q&A

11:35am – Table Discussion

12:00pm – LUNCH

1:00pm – Session Two – Leading in Disorientating Times (Dr. Gary V. Nelson)

2:00pm – Q&A

2:15pm – Break

2:30pm – Session Three – Leadership in this Cultural Moment 2 (Danielle Strickland)

3:20pm – Q&A

3:35pm – Table Discussion

3:50pm – Conclusion


Danielle Strickland

Danielle has led churches, started training schools, and established justice departments around the world. She spent 22 years as an officer in The Salvation Army, and is an Ambassador for Compassion International and Stop The Traffik. Danielle has a deep calling to empower people. This includes traveling and speaking at conferences and gatherings around the globe and authoring several books including The Liberating Truth, A Beautiful Mess, and The Ultimate Exodus and most recently, The Zombie Gospel.

Co-founder of Infinitum (a way of life), Brave Global, Amplify Peace and the Women Speakers Collective, Danielle is committed to see people, neighborhoods and the world transform. She is still smitten with her three boys and her husband and spends most days in deep wonder and gratitude that she gets to play a small part in bringing hope and life to the world. If you’d like to follow her adventures catch her blogging at daniellestrickland.com, or tweeting @djstrickland or check out her djstrickland podcast.

Dr. Gary V. Nelson

Dr. Gary V. Nelson joined Tyndale on July 1, 2010 as President and Vice Chancellor after serving for ten years as General Secretary of CBM, the national and global work of Canadian Baptists. During those years, CBM experienced a striking capacity growth, expanding the organization’s global impact in the areas of leadership development, theological education, sustainable community development and the development of key educational resources for congregations across Canada.

Previous to his tenure with CBM, he served in a number of congregations both in staff and senior roles. As Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Edmonton in the 1990s, Dr. Nelson was involved in a revitalizing and renewing of this historic downtown congregation into a creative and dynamic contemporary congregation.
Dr. Nelson received the Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia and graduated with master and doctoral degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary. As an educator, he has been actively engaged in creative approaches to theological and ministerial training. He was the founding director of the urban leadership training initiative BUILD (Baptist Urban Involvement in Leadership Development) in Toronto that shaped pastors and international workers to work in urban settings. READ MORE >>