Amazing Grace Video Project

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Amazing Grace Video Project

A fun video project for Be In Christ's Annual General Meeting 2018

At the annual general meeting of our church each May, it is our desire to celebrate the unity and shared mission that brings us together under the big tent called Be In Christ Church of Canada. To celebrate our commitment to unity within diversity, we have a fun project that will express that value at AGM and we would love for your church to participate!

For AGM 2018 we are planning to produce a video that involves as many BIC churches as possible all singing ‘one’ song.  We will use excerpts from each group that participates and splice it together into a single video presentation for AGM 2018. The song we have picked for the video collage is the Chris Tomlin version of Amazing Grace.

General Guidelines:

  1. Each participating church will make their video in their local worship context.  
  2. This can be a live or a rehearsal setting.  There are some notes below that will help resource you to accomplish this.
  3. As a minimum, video should be taken on an iPhone 6 or newer.  A higher resolution camera with an external mic would be even better, if possible.
  4. Groups can be any size from a solo artist to a worship band to a choir.

All video must be submitted in mp4 format.

Obviously in order for many groups to participate in a single song without being in the same room requires some adherence to certain musical conditions.

We want to make this as easy as possible for your church to participate!
Here are some resources to help.

We will do the song in the key of E. You can use the following chord chart or sheet music.

The tempo must be 63 bpm in 4/4 time.

You can use your own metronome to do this. (There are lots of great metronome apps out there. One option is a free iPhone app called “Tempo”.)

However, we have also made some simple recordings that you can use, if that would be easier. Listen to one of the recordings with headphones and play along to keep you at the right speed. These are not accompaniment tracks! They are not meant to be heard on your video recording. They are just guides to play along with. You can use whichever recording works best for your musicians to follow.

For example, you could designate one musician (guitarist, drummer, keyboardist) to listen to the recording with headphones and the rest of the musicians follow their lead. Or if your team uses in-ear monitors, the whole team can listen.

Download Files from the Google Folder here

Some of these recordings include a Click (metronome).

  • Vocal & Keyboard & Click.mp3
  • Vocal & Keyboard.mp3
  • Keyboard & Click.mp3
  • Keyboard only.mp3
  • Click only.mp3

For the following recordings, the Click is panned left, and the Vocal & Keyboard are panned right.

  • Vocal & Keyboard & Click (split track).mp3
  • Keyboard & Click (split track).mp3

Feel free to contact Melanie Wigg if you have questions, or need any help with this. Thanks for being a part of expressing our unity within diversity in a fun and meaningful way!

Listen to the supporting Click and Music tracks here:

How to upload/send your completed video.

  • Dropbox or Google Drive

    Upload your video file to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder associated with your own account and share the link with us at:

  • Large File Transfer Service like WeTransfer

    You could use a service to facilitate the transfer of large files such as


    1. Hey Christopher,

      We have added some links for file sharing services on the right side of the webpage.

      Thanks for participating.


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