AGM 2019 – G) Transformational Leadership

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It has been my observation as a pastor for the past thirty years that, in our society, where the pace of technological and cultural change is so fast and never-ending, the effects on the church have not been entirely positive. Truth is now considered a relative construct. As a result, our culture has marginalized the local church for this fundamental belief in absolute truth. In this new world, we need effective leadership. But what is leadership?

There has been much study on the topic, so I propose in my presentation a model for transformational leadership that can make any person more effective as they apply these ideas to their area of influence in their home, church, and workplace.


Todd Lester
Be In Christ Church of Canada - Leadership Development Director

In my role I oversee the Canadian operations including the amazing staff who work there.

I believe in the work of the local church. I believe in the pastors who lead them. I believe in the potential of leadership. For me, nothing is more important than to help pastors become more effective leaders for the work of bringing people to follow Jesus.

I like to hike, especially in the mountains. Kim and I have completed many challenging hikes including the Tour du Mont Blanc in the Alps. I also like to bang out riffs on my fender stratocaster.

I love serving in the Be In Christ because our denomination brings to this world an important voice, the simple and uncompromising message that it’s all about Jesus.

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