AGM 2019 – H) Effective Church Leadership

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In Romans 12, Paul affirms the gift of leadership and encourages those who lead to do so with diligence or energy. In Psalm 78, we learn that King David combined integrity of heart with “skillful hands” in his leadership. The Scriptures are filled with examples of this powerful leadership combination – passion and expertise. Today it is still true: to provide effective leadership in the church, one must engage the unique blend of spiritual vitality and skill. Both are essential!

At our upcoming Annual General Meeting, I will be addressing the topic, “Effective Church Leadership“ – drawing on lessons learned and observations made by interacting with effective church leaders over my years of ministry engagement. I have yet to meet the leader who doesn’t want to be effective; who doesn’t want their ministry to thrive. In this presentation, I will identify key principles that any ministry leader at the local church level needs to pursue if they desire to see their ministry flourish.


Darrell Winger
The Meeting House - Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor, The Meeting House. Darrell serves as one of the three Senior Pastors of The Meeting House, working in partnership with Bruxy Cavey and Rod Tombs to provide spiritual and organizational leadership to The Meeting House.

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