The Brethren in Christ (BIC) in Canada is a community of Christ-followers with a vision to be a mission-compelled movement, embracing a “family-of-brands” approach with shared vision and values, shared ministry and mission, and shared experiences as a community of believers.

The BIC, an Anabaptist church birthed in renewal, continues to be a people seeking a fresh expression of being a community of Christ-followers, committed to Jesus and sharing his Good News message with others.

The Leadership Team (Board of Directors) in Canada gives oversight to the BIC and its various identities and ministries across Canada. Doug Sider, Executive Director, serves as senior leader on behalf of the Leadership Team. Our Canadian Office is located in Oakville, ON.

Currently there are three main mission-defined identities (movements) in the BIC across Canada: Community Churches, The Meeting House, and The Network. An executive team leader gives oversight to the churches or sites within the particular brand — Charlie Mashinter, Community Churches; Rod Tombs, The Meeting House; and Matt Vincent, The Network. In addition to these three main brands, we embrace several other ministry initiatives and agencies.

Doug Sider, Charlie Mashinter, Rod Tombs and Matt Vincent form a Leadership Cabinet that provides team leadership to the BIC community in Canada, who along with our staff, seek to serve the church and further our common vision and mission.