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A Heart for Growing

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A Heart for Growing

Reflections on what it means to be in ministry and “be in Christ”.

The Be In Christ Church of Canada is a growing faith community – working together to follow Jesus, share his message and to extend his peace around the world. Whether we are in rural Saskatchewan or Ontario, Toronto or Saskatoon, St. John’s Newfoundland or in Richmond, BC (yes, our newest church plant is launching on the west coast – welcome, Dean Morris!), this mission unites us and calls us forward as a family network of churches.

Each church does this work differently. Each pastor leads differently, but together we move forward in mission together. This mission is having impact in Canada, southern Africa, Central America and India and Nepal.

This October I had the joy of attending two events. The first was a gathering of people who are new to pastoring within our family of churches. I was struck by their commitment to loving God, loving the people they have been called to serve and their passionate desire to live out the mission we have as a network…not because our network is special…it just resonates with their hearts. I came away from this event ever more convinced that, as we listen to the spirit of God and invest in a new generation of leaders, the future of the church and our work together is going to be good.  


The second event was a “prayer school” for all Be In Christ pastors from across Canada. It was a wonderful time of learning, listening, questioning and praying together. On the second morning a number of us gathered early to pray. It was a special time as we were led in prayer by Brian Zahnd. As I reflected on the days together, I was struck by the simple reality that we lead out of who we are. Every one of us – lay persons, deacons, pastors, chaplains, etc. – lead out of what is going on in our lives – our inner lives, and only we can care for the soul. No one else will do it for us. SO it was a privilege to be with 160 pastors caring for their souls this month.

It’s a joy to serve with you in ministry. Thanks for all you do to extend the Kingdom of Jesus – to be his hands and his feet in the world around us.

Keep on! Together a we make a difference. 



— For a glimpse into the life of one our church plant communities take a look at this Video from Story Church in Brockville


— Doug Sider Is the Executive Director at Be In Christ Church of Canada

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