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A Different Type of AGM

How the 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be a little different.

Apple computers had a rather famous marketing campaign called “Think Different”. Despite questionable grammar, the idea caught on among users. Being ‘different’ can be an unpleasant way to describe something but, as Apple proved, it can also be very positive. This year, as you prepare to arrive at AGM I want to borrow from Apple and encourage you to ‘think different’ about AGM in a positive way. For AGM 2019, we are trying something new.

Before we talk about what is different, let me first say that we will still have our business meeting. After all, that is the primary reason we gather. Come prepared to vote and affirm budgets. However, in recent years, as the business meeting section of our AGM has become shorter, we have used our time together to celebrate our ministries and impact as a BIC family. We will still do that but we will try a new approach.

I attended a conference last year called Q. It is a conference in Nashville for Christian leaders. The Q conference has borrowed ideas from TED conferences in that every speaker has a predetermined amount of time. At Q conference each presenter is given 9 minutes for his/her presentation. The biggest advantage of this kind of format is that it allows the listener and learner to hear many different presentations. It also forces each presenter to pack as much content as possible into their 9 minutes. (Unfortunately, on occasion I have spoken sermons where I crammed 9 minutes of content into 30 minutes of sermon). We will borrow from Q conference and our 2019 AGM will have a variety of 9 minute presentations that focus on our strategic plan which states “Incarnational churches led by transformational leaders.” I believe it will be a great day and an encouragement for all who attend. I am really excited about this experimental format. As we always do, we will ask for feedback to see if you as the AGM attendee found this format useful and a beneficial experience.

See you on Saturday, May 4th.

Todd Lester


— Todd Lester is the Director of Ministry Development & Operations at Be In Christ Church of Canada.

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