In our “Basic Gifts” Catalogue we gave you an opportunity to support various BIC church projects around the world. These projects are in communities that we directly partner with through BIC Canada-GLOBAL and our Co-operative Ministries Initiative.

The construction of BIC Nicaragua’s Ministry Centre is one such project.
This month we offer you a look at the progress being made on it’s construction, as a result of your support and donations.

Support this or other Global Projects here:

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  • Trevor Main says:

    This is the # 1 construction project for the Nicaraguan BIC Church for 2017. I was just there in January and saw how hard our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters are working on this project. The local churches in Nicaragua are sending offerings and volunteer labourers to help with the project. Please consider partnering with them as they aim to get the roof on and the building ready for use before next year. The most expensive part of the project is building materials. Your donation will help make this dream a reality!

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