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Sharing Perspectives, Considering Community & Investing in Relationships

| BIC Canada News, BIC Canada-Global | One Comment
As part of my work I sit with a lot of different groups of people. One month it is the Canadian Council of Anabaptist Leaders, the next month it is the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada or Mennonite World Conference. More times than not, it is...

Global Project Update
– Nicaragua Ministry Center

| BIC Canada News, BIC Canada-Global | One Comment

In our “Basic Gifts” Catalogue we gave you an opportunity to support various BIC church projects around the world. These projects are in communities that we directly partner with through BIC Canada-GLOBAL and our Co-operative Ministries Initiative. The construction of BIC Nicaragua’s Ministry Centre is one such…

How to focus on the hope of Jesus… even when you’re not feeling it

| BIC Canada News | No Comments

We are about to enter the season of Lent. Lent runs from March 1 (Ash Wednesday) to April 13th, the day before Good Friday. Lent is kicked off with Ash Wednesday (a practice going back to the 5th Century). You know, that day when many…

Story Church – Update

| BIC Canada News, The Network | No Comments

(Above: The community currently meets together in a local school after out-growing the Newhook’s living room)   What does a typical gathering look like?: We hang out, have coffee and relax… When we gather on Sundays, we typically grab a coffee/homemade dessert, chat with each other…