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Sharing the Gospel with the ‘Nones’

November 3, 2016
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

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The Dinner Table
(Summer 2016)

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Being Pulled Apart & Sticking Together

| BIC Canada News, Community Churches | No Comments

I was once asked by a friend to attend a camping conference in Toronto. The conference was very different that the ones I normally attended and one of the seminars caught my attention – “simple and fun games that cost nothing and require little space”….

Fort McMurray – Being Present with Compassion

| BIC Canada News | No Comments
BIC Canada – Ray Sider Responds to the Fort McMurray Crisis through Billy Graham Rapid Response Team. Just weeks after the fires, residents of Fort McMurray have finally been permitted to return home. The lasting impact of the wildfire that burned through their homes will...

A Lesson from ‘Moglie’

| BIC Canada News, BIC Canada-Global | One Comment
'Moglie' From the first time I saw her, she was ‘Moglie,' to my mind. If you have any memory of the story “The Jungle Book” you would know why. Her raven colour hair, radiant dark eyes, and infectious large smile made her the spitting image of the...

Orlando – As the dust settles…

| BIC Canada News | One Comment
How do we keep responding to the Orlando shootings? For some reason I woke up unusually early last Sunday June 12. I checked my phone shortly after crawling out of bed and briefly saw a CNN banner pop up, “Critical Alert: another mass shooting in the...